ANDOVER SQUARE ULTRA PURE WATER

     David Michael Architectural LLC is a major provider of container-filled Ultra Pure Water in Southeast Ashtabula County and in the Andover, Ohio area.

     For the convenience of our customers, neighbors, and tourists, we have available a self - service, 24/7 [ coin or dollar bill operated ] 1 to 5 gallon, container filling water  dispenser located at the northeast exterior corner of our main complex.

     The self - service dispensing machine is conveniently located, allowing for a vehicle to be parked on the well lighted Andover Public Square, within a few steps of the machine, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the entire year.

     The Ultra Pure - Crystal Clear Water is produced right in the machine        by a 5 Stage Purification System.

  •      5 Micron Sediment Filter
  •      5 Micron Carbon Block Filter
  •      Reverse-Osmosis Process
  •      0.5 Micron Carbon Block
  •      Ultra Violet Light Sanitized
The Reverse-Osmosis Process itself removes up to 98% of dissolved contaminants (minerals, salts, metals and organic material).

     Each week the entire machine is cleaned, disinfected, and the filters are replaced as required. The machine is licensed and tested by the Ashtabula County Board of Health. 

     A real bargain, the water is only 25 cents per gallon!

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