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Our comprehensive website, including an on-line catalog, is currently under construction. 
Our future company Headquarters / Operations Center will be located on the Public Square in Andover, Ohio.

In a shortened and abbreviated form, we refer to our business and our main complex as DMA 25.  Until the date when the exterior and the interior restorations to our main complex are complete, we will be building our opening inventory, and  all of the operations will be conducted from our Westlake, Ohio location.
     Each week our main complex, as well as our website, will feature improvements and additions.   The slide-show above will be updated periodically, including quality items which we are currently wanting to purchase for our inventory.  In the meantime, a summary of our business is included herein.

    David Michael Architectural LLC will be a unique Historical Design, Restoration and Antiques Enterprise located primarily on the Public Square in Andover, Ohio, at the intersection of Ohio Route 7 and U.S. Route 6, the historic Grand Army of the Republic Highway.

The headquarters consists of 3 adjoining buildings under one roof, each with about 8,000 square feet of usable space, with an additional 5,000 square foot Antiques & Cycle Shoppe to the rear, having its own dedicated parking lot.  The magnificent main complex is an Italianate style stone and brick Masterpiece unequaled by today's standards.

The complex is being restored , outfitted and decorated with historic accuracy by David Michael, who has been a scientific design architect, an engineer, a business executive and a  master craftsman for 40 years.

    The complex, built in 1891, was purchased by David Michael Architectural LLC in 2005, and is being restored, outfitted, and decorated with rare historic architectural elements, hardware and furniture collected by David Michael for 3 decades. Restorations to the front of the building, in part,  include the use of stone originally used on Millionaires' Row  (Euclid Ave.) in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1870s.  The salvaged stone is a very rare mauve color quartzite, originally acquired by John D. Rockefeller (the founder of the Standard Oil Company).  Rockefeller  brought over 100 expert stone craftsmen from Italy to hand-cut, chisel, and install the stone on the Avenue of Cleveland's Millionaires' Row between the years of 1869 and 1875.  The quartzite, in large slabs and boulders, was purchased by Rockefeller from the Medina Stone Quarry in Medina, New York  near Buffalo, New York in 1869. 

David Michael Architectural LLC has given new life to this historic quartzite, redesigning and re-cutting it exclusively for this complex.
Starting with the bare walls, the complex is being outfitted with custom stone and marble flooring and walls, built-in glass showcases, individual storefront shoppes, historic staircases, doors and hardware, archways with columns & capitals, decorative ceilings, with antique chandeliers and sconces.  Also included will be a custom designed stone and iron fountain, stone and marble counter tops, Victorian fireplaces, urns, statuary, vases, and accessories.  Once the interiors are complete, they will be decorated using Fine period furniture, artwork and accessories from the David Michael Collection.  

The final product, while being complete with modernized equipment and fixtures, will reflect the historical attributes, quality, and the ambiance of the 1880s - 1890s.

The complex will retain the original 3 buildings, with each serving a unique function for the Antiques Enterprise.  Inside and out, the materials and designs used will conform to those used during the time period when the original building was erected.
The central building will house Victorian Elements, a showplace of rare historical architectural elements, garden ornaments, period furniture, hardware, artwork and accessories and building supplies that have been the main focus, and passion of David Michael through the years.

Victorian Elements
is a two story arcade, consisting of 10 specialty storefront shoppes.  You will be able to purchase everything necessary to build your own Victorian Mansion!  You will also be able to restore and renovate your existing historic building, or incorporate our Victorian elements into your modern building or home.  These architectural elements have been collected from historical buildings, mansions and Victorian Gardens from around the world.    

    The southern building will be the            Andover Square Galleria.  The Galleria will be operated as a fee-based Museum, containing the most precious and rarest items from the David Michael Collection, such as this pink marble sink top with hand painted and decorated ceramic wash basin (from the 1880s) and polished brass fixtures.

The photograph below is a partial view of  the Andover Square Galleria Ticket and Sales Counter, still under construction in the Entrance Lobby

This print, "L'Espieglerie" (The Mischievous One) by William Adolphe Bouguereau, circa 1880s is displayed on the wall in the alcove adjacent to the Andover Square Galleria Ticket and Sales Counter.

The Andover Square Galleria's artwork specializes in  large Framed Portraits and Photos of individuals and of families from the 19th Century.  

The print to the left, "The Fair Spinner" is also by William Adolphe Bouguereau, circa 1880s and is displayed on the wall in the hallway leading to the showrooms of the  Andover Square Galleria.  Our Galleria will have on display additional masterpieces by Bouguereau, as well as many more museum quality Portraits representing the style of the 19th Century.

The northern building, in addition to displaying more of the many varied collections of antiques from the David Michael Collection, will contain the design and sales offices of David Michael Architectural LLC.  Here we can assist in designing and decorating from our vast and diversified Victorian Elements inventory, from the building of furniture, to the design of a complete Mansion.

David Michael is finishing his 40th year as the scientific design architect, engineer,  and the V.P. of Sales and Engineering for the same manufacturer of specialized laboratory equipment for governmental and corporate research labs, educational facilities, and hospitals world-wide. He specializes in the design of the interior of research laboratories, stainless steel laboratory casework , over-sized laboratory fume hoods, and self-cleaning and energy-saving
exhaust systems for use with dangerous and explosive chemicals and poisonous agents.

His designs, utilizing stainless steel laboratory casework, also have been incorporated  into kitchens in up-scale residences in the U.S., as well as overseas.

The Antiques & Cycle Shoppe, located to the rear of the  Complex, will house some of the major categories of the David Michael Collection
, and will operate as a more traditional antiques store from May through November.
  We will actually feature Antiques from A - Z ! 

With over 400 Bicycles dating from 1890 through 1990 we will have one of the largest and most diversified collections of  Antique and Vintage Bicycles and Parts in the Midwest.  We have specialized in quality Vintage Schwinns and Raleighs, but also have many other brands represented, as you can see on our Antiques & Cycle Shoppe page.

While a very diversified assortment of Antiques will be available in the Antiques and Cycle Shoppe building, four other main collections are of note:  Mercedes - Benz Classic Cars and parts from the 1960s and 1970s;  100 years of Antique and Vintage Dolls from the Civil War period onward;  Antique Musical Instruments from  the Victorian Era, with the main emphasis being on 19th Century Fancy Pianos; Antique Firearms and Antique Double Barrel Shotguns.

    Other interesting holdings of David Michael Architectural LLC include the Cherry Valley House Hotel, in nearby Cherry Valley, Ohio.  David Michael is restoring this property in similar fashion to the Andover Complex.  There is a lot of local history attached to the Hotel as well.  It is quite likely that John Brown stayed there while some of his biggest supporters prepared for the raid on Harpers Ferry.  John Brown's personal Abolitionist Flag [containing only 20 stars - banishing the 13 slave states] circa 1859, was discovered at auction at the Cherry Valley House Hotel in 1996 , just prior to the acquisition of the Hotel by David Michael.  The Flag has been housed at the Decatur House Museum, Washington DC, in the Gilder Lehrman Collection.

The building was also used as part of the Underground Railroad, and contains hidden passageways. The Hotel is also located on U.S. Route 6, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, at the intersection of State Rt. 193 - known as Cherry Valley Centre.

The restoration, in part, includes the renovation of the Ball Room and its adjoining sleeping rooms to their original condition.  The tavern was built in 1835, with the Ball Room added in the 1850s, making it a 7500 sq. foot Stagecoach stop - Hotel &  Tavern.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
    There is also a restored 3 story barn, also circa 1835, which will be used as an an Antiques Shoppe.  Part of the barn will be used as a Museum displaying a diversified selection of Historic elements from the David Michael Collection. 

This historic structure also contains one of the few square silos still standing in Ohio. 

    The Courtyard at the Cherry Valley House Hotel has been designed and furnished with  rare antique garden ornaments and antique salvaged stone. 

Similar ornaments and antique stone will be available for sale in the Victorian Gardens Shoppe located  in the Victorian Elements Arcade in the main complex located on the Square in Andover Ohio.  The Courtyard's walls were designed and constructed using antique stone which was salvaged from an historic Italianate style house located in Cherry Valley, Ohio.  The stone walls were custom designed to be integral with the foundation of the historic barn. 

For the convenience of our customers, neighbors, and tourists, we have available a self - service, 24/7 [ coin or dollar bill operated ] 1 to 5 gallon container filling water dispenser located at the northeast corner of the main complex exterior.

The Ultra Pure Water is obtained through a Reverse Osmosis, Charcoal Filtered, and Ultra Violet Light process, licensed and tested by the Ashtabula County Board of Health.  A real bargain, the water is only 25 cents per gallon!

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