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  Due to our forthcoming relocation of our Headquarters / Operations Center to the Public Square in Andover, Ohio; we will have (10) Ten of our unique properties for Sale beginning in June of 2011.  These unique properties are located in prestigious and desirable areas of Cuyahoga County and Medina County, Ohio.

  We have owned all of the Cuyahoga County properties for over 30 years and our Medina County property for approximately 13 years.

  All of our properties are being offered for Sale "By Owner", which does not include any Sales commission paid to a Realtor.

  Properties 001 through 008 are Heavily Wooded Residential Building Lots with Extras, located in prestigious Westlake, Ohio  (Cuyahoga County) in the area of Multi-Million dollar Estates.  These Residential Building Lots are some of the last remaining individually owned Residential Building Lots in Westlake, Ohio.

  Property 009, located in very desirable 5 Star Rated Westpark ( Cleveland ) Ohio Cuyahoga County is an Ultra - Modern Bachelor or Bachelorette  2/3 Bedroom Ranch, one block from the new Riverside School, and close to I-90, I-71, The Triskett Rapid Station and Lakewood, Ohio.

  Property 010 is a Mint condition Condominium Storage Warehouse Building located on U.S. Route 18, just East of Rt. 94 (Ridge Road), in Medina County, Ohio.

PROPERTY 001.........................................$287,000

28800 HILLIARD BLVD.                                     WESTLAKE, OHIO  44145

This Prestigious above average sized Distinctive Estate Lot with numerous extras, is centrally located on Westlake's most desirable and newly Renovated Divided Boulevard with Bicycle Lanes; in the area of Multi-Million Dollar Estates and across the street from the W. Avalon Estates Sub-Division.  (W. Avalon Dr.)

This Prime location is minutes from I-90, I-480, upscale Crocker Park Shopping Area, St. John Medical Center, Porter Library (ranked #1 in the Nation), Country Clubs, Schools, Churches, Westlake's Rec Center, Parks, as well as all of the other outstanding conveniences and amenities that Westlake, Ohio provides.

We purchased this unique, Heavily Wooded property, measuring up to 166'-0" wide x up to 322'-0" deep in approx. 1981 with the intention of building our Custom Designed Replica of a circa 1869 English Manor House which included the exterior constructed using a Rare mauve color Antique Chisel Cut - Rock Faced Sandstone.  (This Rare Antique Chisel Cut - Rock Faced Sandstone is available for Sale from our Victorian Elements Inventory, while supplies last.)

As shown in the illustration below and highlighted in yellow, we have partially cleared the lot for the space required to construct a Future Estate, up to a 4 car garage, a Courtyard, and a Garden.

In addition, we cleared and excavated the lot for the installation of an approximate 10'-0" wide x 12" thick compressed limestone / gravel driveway terminating into a matching 40'-0" turn-around.

The outer areas of the lot are partially landscaped with Japanese Yews, Blue Spruces, Hemlocks, and Pines; and all of the smaller trees and brush have been removed from the lot.

In 2010, a new Tree Lawn with Curbs, a new 127'-0" Concrete Sidewalk and a new oversized 40'-0" wide x 12" thick Concrete Entrance Apron were installed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The photograph to the right illustrates a partial view of the interior of our lot illustrating some of the typical existing Hardwoods and Japanese Yews and a portion  of the compressed limestone / gravel driveway.  This one of a kind Estate Lot has all the required Utilities and  Sewer connections available, ready for your Dream Estate.

The photograph to the left illustrates a partial view of the interior of our lot showing a portion of the compressed limestone / gravel driveway which we installed.

This temporary driveway provides a superior underlayment / base for your permanent Concrete, Asphalt or Paving Brick Surfacing.

The photograph below  illustrates (2) two  Multi-Million Dollar Estates which are situated within a few hundred feet of our lot.

For pricing comparison to our lot, the Estate which is shown on the left side of the photograph, was erected on a lot which is located on the South Side of Hilliard Blvd. ( across the Boulevard from out lot ) and was purchased in April of 2003 at a price of $425,000.

To complete this amazin
g package, we have, and can provide at an additional cost, all of the necessary Antique Building Supplies, Hardware, and Furnishings to build and decorate your own Estate, as well as Antique Iron Fencing and Gates, Urns, Fountains, Landscaping Stone and Paving Bricks for your Garden.  The majority of these items were salvaged from Cleveland's Millionaire Row Estates and have been in storage for over 50 years.

It is estimated that our Property includes $50,000 of extras above the cost of a vacant lot.

PROPERTIES 002 - 005...PACKAGE PRICE... $139,600

LOTS 16, 17, 18 & 19                   CARLTON AVE., WESTLAKE, OHIO  44145

These (4) Four Prestigious Extra Deep (260'0") Heavily Wooded Residential Building Lots are located within the center of a desirable Avenue on the North Side of Carlton Avenue which is just East of Bradley Road and adjacent to the Meadowood Golf Course.

The continuation of Carlton Avenue is Greenview Parkway which is fully developed with newer Upscale Homes in the $300,000 to $500,000 range.

Each of these lots is approx: 40'0" wide x 260'0" deep, which together provide an approximate 1 acre (160'0" x 260'0" ) Wooded Residential Lot, ready for your Dream Home and Garden.

Carlton Avenue, presently is an un-paved Gravel Road, but it does have the necessary Sanitary and Storm Sewer Connections installed and available.  The pricing on these lots are drastically reduced to reflect this condition. 

The majority of the remaining lots on this Avenue are owned by a Developer, Carlton Development, Inc.

This ideal location is minutes from I-90, I-480, upscale Crocker Park Shopping Area, St. John Medical Center, Porter Library ( ranked #1 in the Nation ), Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Schools, Churches, Westlake Rec Center, Parks, as well as all of the other outstanding conveniences and amenities that Westlake, Ohio provides.

PROPERTIES 006 - 008...PACKAGE PRICE...$104,700

LOTS 29, 30 & 31                    CARLTON AVENUE, WESTLAKE, OHIO 44145

These (3) Three Prestigious Extra Deep ( 260'0" ) Heavily Wooded Residential Building Lots are located on the South Side of Carlton Avenue, almost directly across the street from our (4) Four Properties previously described as Lots 16, 17, 18, & 19.

The rear side of each of these Lots back into upscale Mallard Cove Sub-Division.

All of the additional information as described for our Lots 16, 17, 18, & 19 remain the same.

If these (3) Three lots are purchased together with our Lots 16, 17, 18, & 19, an additional discount to our pricing will be offered.

PROPERTY 009...........................................$97,800

14404 MONTROSE RD.              CLEVELAND (WESTPARK), OHIO  44111

This Ultra-Modern - 2/3 bedroom Ranch - is located on the North-Western side of the highly desirable Westpark Area of Cleveland, Ohio, at the intersection of W. 144th St. and Montrose Rd..  This highly sought after and  convenient location is a few blocks from I-90, I-71, Riverside Elementary School, St. Mel's Church and School, St. Mary's Church, Warren Village Shopping Plaza, The Triskett Rapid Station and Lakewood, Ohio, which was rated no. 1 in Ohio for the Best Places to Raise a Family.

We purchased this low maintenance property having a low maintenance North Western corner lot ( approx. 40'0" x 106' 0" ) in approximately 1977 and entirely modernized it.  All of the interior plaster walls have been covered with new Drywall Surfacing, and 1/2" thick Cedar Panels have been installed in the Family Room/Office.  The Kitchen was modernized, including a new built-in oven and range top, which have never been used.  The Living Room and the Dining Room feature Floor to Ceiling 1/4" thick Plate Glass

Commercial Mirrors.  The Exterior Siding was covered with vertically installed Aluminum Panels and the majority of the windows were replaced with 1/4" thick Solar Grey Glass.  The older improvements will be refreshed prior to the Sale of this property in the Summer/Fall  of 2011.

The photograph to the right illustrates a partial view of the low maintenance front yard when we previously installed a new Sod Lawn and an underground sprinkler system years ago.

We have priced this property at an approximate 25% discount to other area properties.

PROPERTY 010............................................$29,800

1096 MEDINA RD. (U.S. RT. 18)                               MEDINA, OHIO  44256 

This Mint Condition - Maintenance Free - Condominium Storage Building Warehouse - Unit E-60 - is located in conveniently situated U.S. Rt. 18            (Medina Rd) in Medina County, just East of Rt. 94  (Ridge Rd. ).  This desirable location is close to I-71 and also I-77 within the Storage World Association Complex.  This convenient location is easily accessible from both Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.

We purchased this unit, New, approximately 13 years ago, for Long Term Storage and had it custom built on the South end of Building E, including a special 3'0" wide side entrance door, pulling outward with double dead-bolt locks.  We also constructed 'U' shaped - multi-tier storage shelving at the rear of the unit.  Since we never attached the shelving to the walls, the interior walls were not damaged or blemished.

This unit includes an approximate 12'0" x 12'0" wide - Remotely Controlled Entrance Door, two rows of continuous Fluorescent Lighting, an 80,000 BTU Gas Heater ( never used ), 120V GFI Electrical Receptacles, a 100 Amp. Circuit Breaker Panel Box, and an Epoxy Coated Concrete Floor.  The interior walls and ceiling are fully encased and insulated with Drywall construction which is coated with a special pebbled plastic scratch resistant coating.

The internal size is approximately 16'0" wide x 45'0" deep x 16'0" high, providing approximately 720 square feet of floor space and over 2000 square feet of storage space, if the shelving is used. 

All of the Exterior maintenance and the snow shoveling is handled by the Association and the Electricity to the Unit is provided for free.

We have priced our Unit at $41.50 per square foot of Floor Space.  The extra cost for the Exterior Door and the Interior Shelving is offered at NO Charge.  This amounts up to an approximate 25% discount to a Replacement Unit.

Additional Pictures and Diagrams related to our Properties will be added to our descriptions on this site, as they become available.

  Please contact us at 440-289-3364 for further information on any of our properties.

  Thank you.  We look forward in doing business with you.


   David Michael Architectural LLC  (DMA25)


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