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     This section of our website is devoted to our Rare Historic Architectural Salvage which will be traded from our Main Complex at 25 Public Square, Andover, Ohio, and also from our Historic Cherry Valley House Hotel property in Cherry Valley, Ohio ( approximately 5 miles west of our Main Complex, at Cherry Valley Centre, which is the intersection of U.S. Route 6 and State Route 193 ).

     For over 30 years, David Michael has purchased and also has salvaged, Rare Historic Museum Quality Architectural Elements, from Victorian homes and gardens, buildings, schools, courthouses, churches, and even the Millionaires' Row Mansions in Cleveland, Ohio and in Warren, Ohio.

     The photograph to the right is a unique Milk-White Marble Keystone that is installed on one of the five elaborate Milk-White Italian Marble fireplace mantels that we purchased after they were salvaged from the James Parmelee Mansion on Cleveland's Millionaires' Row.  This rare Marble Keystone includes the hand sculpturing of Parmelee's children.

     Many of these Rare Historic Victorian Elements have been incorporated, and / or are being incorporated and used in the restoration of David Michael Architectural LLC's Historic Properties.

     A rotating inventory of our Historic Architectural Salvage will be on display within our Victorian Elements building ( the Center building of our Main Complex ); our Antiques & Cycle Shoppe; and at our Cherry Valley House Hotel property.

     The photographs below illustrate a few of the Historic Properties from which we have obtained large quantities of Rare Museum Quality Historic Architectural Salvage.

     The photograph to the left was taken in 1952, when the James Parmelee Mansion, circa 1865, located at 3036 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, was demolished to provide the required space for a parking lot. 

     This Mansion was one of the original Mansions on the world renowned Millionaires' Row  (Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio).  It was across the street from the Samuel Andrews Mansion.  Andrews was the co-founder of the Standard Oil Company.

     From this Mansion, we have obtained and have available for sale, some of the rarest Museum Quality Historic Architectural Salvage available today.  This includes Exterior and Interior Doors, Exterior decorative ornamentation, Interior woodwork and moldings, staircases with balustrades, five elaborate Italian Milk White fireplaces and related components, Compression Bronze Door and Window Hardware and much more. 

These museum quality Architectural Elements, dating from 1865, have been in storage since 1952.

     From the James Parmelee Mansion, as well as from many of the other Mansions on Cleveland's Millionaires' Row, we have an extensive inventory of Rare Compression Bronze Door and Window Hardware manufactured by such sought after names as MCCC / Russell & Erwin Mfg. Company; P & F Corbin; Mallory, Wheeler and Co. and from most of the other manufacturers of Ornamental Door and Window Hardware dating from approximately 1870 to the early 1900s.

     The photograph to the right is of a Rare Compression Bronze Entrance Door Handle with a Thumb Latch, pat. June 7, 1870, and manufactured by MCCC / Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co.  All of the doors from the James Parmelee Mansion included a variety of MCCC / Russell & Erwin Compression Bronze Doorknobs, Hinges, and Locksets, including the rare "Doggie Doorknobs".

     Within our Victorian Elements building, in our Antique General Store Shoppe, we will have available an extensive inventory of original Historic hardware for sale, which can be used for the restoration of your Historic property, or even on new construction projects. 

      The photograph to the left is of the upper Cast Iron grilled portion of one of the numerous sets of Exterior Entrance Doors which we have in our inventory, and which have been salvaged from Italianate style Villas from the 1870s.

     These particular Entrance Doors are installed on the first floor of our Northern building in our Main Complex.  Behind the decorative grille is a hinged glazed door to allow air circulation. 

     We have an extensive inventory of high quality Exterior and Interior doors with  their  hardware dating from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. 

     We have complete sets of these doors from Mansions on Cleveland's  Ohio's Millionaires' Row, as well as from the Mansions on Warren, Ohio's Millionaires' Row; the Interior doors from the circa 1870 Marion County, Ohio Courthouse; and from numerous other Historic properties.  

     In addition to numerous sets of doors, we have for sale an extensive selection of complete staircases, including the entire Black Walnut staircase, with numerous Black Walnut Newel Posts, Black Walnut balustrades, and Black Walnut curved handrails which we purchased and which were originally installed in the circa 1870s Erie County, Ohio Courthouse.

     The photograph to the right illustrates a partial section of the rare Quartzite Sandstone which we have installed below the six storefronts of our Main Complex.

     This historic rare Quartzite was salvaged from the road surface of Euclid Avenue, in Cleveland, Ohio.  This was the road surface on Cleveland's Millionaires' Row starting in 1869 until approximately 1900.  This Quartzite was eventually covered with red brick, then concrete, and finally with asphalt in the later years.

     We have a sufficient quantity of this rare Historic Quartzite for sale so one can construct an entire Victorian Mansion.  This rare Quartzite also would be ideal to be used in the construction of your Victorian garden wall or it can be used to surround a Victorian fountain.
     Additionally available for sale is a vast amount of rock faced sandstone foundation blocks, sandstone and granite steps, sandstone window sills, complete porches with sandstone and wood columns, fancy decorative capitals, corbels, slate roofing material, and a large quantity of antique red and brown  paving bricks.  All of this material was obtained from Churches, Historic Mansions and the Road Surfaces dating from the late 1800s. 

     The photograph to the left was taken in the 1920s of an all brick 2nd Empire style Mansion located in downtown Warren, Ohio, on High Street.

     It was built by General Radcliffe after the Civil War, and was constructed using the highest quality of materials available, making it the finest residence ever built in Warren, Ohio.

     For approximately the last 80 years, it was owned by a Catholic Church and occupied by their Nuns.  As a result of a fire to the roof, the last owner decided to have it demolished in order to expand their neighboring parking lot.

     From this Mansion we salvaged, and have available for sale, the rare Museum quality Exterior and Interior decorative ornamentation, Terra-Cotta keystones, corbels, brackets, columns, moldings; all of the fancy Exterior and the Interior Black Walnut doors, fancy woodwork, a complete Black Walnut staircase with all of its related components; Black Walnut built-in cabinets; Victorian plumbing and lighting items, MCCC / Russell & Erwin Compression Bronze Hardware, Marble, Cast Iron and Black Walnut fireplaces, slate roofing and much more.

     The photograph to the right illustrates the rare Terra-Cotta keystone,  Terra-Cotta window arches, and the Terra-Cotta decorative ornamentation which we salvaged, and have available for sale, from General Radcliffe's mansion.

    This photograph also illustrates some of the styles of the Victorian Corbels which were salvaged and are for sale.

     The photograph to the left is a partial view of a former Italianate Villa (circa 1890s) in Cherry Valley, Ohio, a few blocks from our Cherry Valley House Hotel. 

     In 1998, we removed and salvaged all of the rare ornamental and decorative glazed Terra-Cotta block, glazed Terra-Cotta window and door surrounds, glazed Terra-Cotta decorative window sills, and the slate roofing from the Villa. 

     One of our helpers, at that time, is shown in the photograph .       


     As shown in the photograph to the right, we utilized a portion of this rare glazed Terra-Cotta block material for the restoration of the foundation walls of our 3 story barn on our Cherry Valley House Hotel property.  

      Some of this salvaged material was also used for the construction of custom made matching Courtyard Walls connecting into our barn foundation.

      The left side of the custom made Courtyard Wall, which was designed and erected by David Michael in 1998,
is shown in the photograph to the left.

      These two photographs illustrate some of the many ways in which one can utilize our salvaged glazed Terra-Cotta decorative block.

     We still have a large quantity of this material salvaged from this Italianate Villa available for sale.  To our knowledge this rare glazed decorative Terra-Cotta block was produced only in the Ashtabula County area, in the late 1800s to the early 1900s, and is normally not found in other areas of the United States.

     In 2009, we salvaged all of the Exterior and all of the Interior Historic Elements from two large late Victorian 2-story homes located on U.S. Route 20 in Ashtabula, Ohio.

     Both of these Historic properties were in mint condition prior to them being demolished.  They were built in the Arts and Crafts design period with very high quality materials of construction.  One of these large 2-story homes was custom built for a prominent Physician and it remained in his family for the last 100+ years.  The Physician's son was an Eye Doctor who occupied the home until 2009.

     All of the "like new condition" Solid Oak paneled doors with hardware, Oak Door Surrounds, entire Quarter-Sawn Oak Mission Style staircases, Quarter-Sawn Oak fireplaces, wavy glass windows, cast iron radiators, soapstone utility wash basins and the Prairie Style Stained Glass windows, as shown in the photograph to the right, were salvaged from these two quality properties.

     Despite the excellent condition of both of these properties, they were demolished in order to provide the space for the construction of a Medical Office Building and a parking lot.

     Please visit our Victorian Elements website page and also our Victorian Elements Catalogue website page, which describes in more detail the types of Historic Architectural Salvage which will be available for trade within our Shoppes, and also from our Cherry Valley House Hotel Property in Cherry Valley, Ohio. 

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