DMA25 - Antique Hardware


  Our Extensive and  Rare Inventory of Antique Builders and Furniture  Hardware, Victorian Ornamental Art, will be available for Trade from our Headquarters / Operation Center in Andover, Ohio.
   As shown in the Preview below, our Comprehensive Catalog - DMA25 -
Antique Hardware - Illustrated Catalog - Edition 2012 - is being prepared and will include Victorian Ornamental Antique Hardware produced in the Victorian Period between the years of 1850 to 1910.

  Our Diversified Inventory will appeal to the Serious Collector as well as being a leading source for required Historical Restorations.

  A large quantity of Ornamental Compression Bronze Hardware manufactured by Russell and Erwin Mfg. Co., P & F Corbin, Malory, Wheeler and Co., and Others in the Classic Period (1870 to  1880), will be featured in our Catalog.

  This Rare Inventory was salvaged, in Part, from numerous Mansions, once located on the World Famous "Millionaires - Row" in Cleveland, Ohio.

  A Selection of this Rare Inventory, including the "DOGGIE" Doorknobs - circa 1870 and the "HUMMINGBIRD" Doorknob - circa 1878, will be on display in our Andover Square Galleria Museum.

  An Illustration of our Rare "DOGGIE" Doorknob manufactured by MCCC/Russell and Erwin Mfg. Co. and Patented on June 7, 1870, is shown on the Front Cover of our Illustrated Catalog.

  A pair of these "DOGGIE" Doorknobs, together with Escutcheons, Locksets, Hinges, and Numerous other Styles of R&E Hardware, Patented on June 7, 1870, were Salvaged from the James Parmalee Mansion, once located on the "Millionaires-Row" in Cleveland, Ohio.

  Additional inventories of our Antique Hardware will be cataloged in our DMA25 - Victorian Elements - Catalogue (Group X - Section 034) and will be available for Trade in our Victorian Elements Shoppes.

  Thank you for your interest.

  David Michael Architectural LLC  ( DMA25 )

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