Museum of Rare Historical Elements

    The Andover Square Galleria will be housed in the southern of the 3 buildings in the David Michael Architectural LLC Complex, in Andover, Ohio.  The Galleria will be operated as a fee-based Museum displaying the rarest and highest quality items in the David Michael Architectural Collection, on a rotating basis.

     For instance, there will be antique Steinway and Chickering grand pianos, a very rare Giraffe piano; religious stained-glass windows and bronze artifacts; rare cast bronze arches and columns; rare fire place mantels, rare cast iron fencing and urns, museum quality frames and works of art, rare statuary, wood rim bicycles, antique firearms, woodworking tools and dolls.

     A display of Persian rugs includes a Sarouk Persian  previously owned by Alden B. Hare of Cleveland, who owned the Cherry Valley House Hotel prior to the purchase by David Michael.  Also obtained from the Alden B. Hare collection are rare 18th and 19th century furniture and architectural antiques, fire place mantels and hardware, which were salvaged from Cleveland's Millionaires' Row mansions.  These items have been in storage since the 1920s through the early 1950s.

     Some of the rarest Russell & Erwin Victorian Ornamental Bronze Hardware, including the famous "Doggie Doorknobs" (patented June 7, 1870),  which have been salvaged from the James Parmelee Mansion of Millionaires' Row, in Cleveland, Ohio, will also be on display.

     A large collection of rare vintage and antique pharmaceutical and Soda Parlor items will be on display.  Many are from the estate of Lodi J. Mandel, Pharmacist and owner of the Mandel Drug Company, Cleveland, Ohio.  The collection also includes Scientific Instruments and display cases, some of which will be incorporated into the building.

    One section of the Galleria will be devoted to local history, relating to Andover, Cherry Valley, and Millionaires' Row in Cleveland.

     Complimenting the written history of these locations, the Andover Square Galleria will house high quality Antiques that actually came from these areas. 
                                                                                                                                             This magnificent Lion Face Cast Iron Fire Back is the center section of a 3 piece Mid 19th  Century Fire Back cast by the E.T. Harris Foundry in Chicago.  This rare Fire Back was obtained from the estate of Alden B. Hare, who salvaged it from the James  Parmelee Mansion, one of the original Mansions from Cleveland's Millionaires' Row.  Located at 3036 Euclid Avenue, it was built in approximately 1865.  James Parmelee was a founder and President of the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., in the late 1800s and President of the Cleveland Carbon Co., the Quaker Oats Co., and the Cleveland Hardware Company.  

     Our Galleria will have additional Architectural Antiques and rare 18th & 19th Century Furniture, Rugs, Artwork, and accessories on    display which were also salvaged from the James Parmelee Mansion,
as well as from other Mansions on Cleveland's Millionaires' Row. 

     The photograph to the left illustrates an intricate hand-carved Cupboard Door on a circa 1875 Quarter-Sawn Oak Sideboard, which was obtained from an Estate in New York State. 


                                                                                                                                            The Galleria will have a mezzanine and a balcony with more custom built-in showcases and a staircase leading to the second floor which will have a rotating display of Artwork, Architectural Antiques and Furniture.  The illustration to the right depicts a partial view of a typical Mid-19th Century Ornate Gesso and Gilt Artwork Frame.  Similar frames will be on display throughout our Complex, as well as in our Galleria

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